Grand Opening 26th February
20:00 GMT+2

Auto Created Accounts

Open 26th February, 20:00 GMT +2

Server Announcements

Welcome to Lineage 2 Duria

After many hours of hard work, we are proudly presenting Lineage 2 Duria that will launch this year, on Friday
26th of February and time 20:00 GMT+2!

As a needle in a haystack we will not give up our hope and we will give all our effort to improve and advertise our project to the max!

We are excpecting more than 500 Players Online!

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Giran Castle Giveaway - 14th March

In order to invite more players and clans in our server, we decided to make an event over Giran Castle's siege with a huge real money reward - 100 Euros.

All clans can participate in this event, doesn't matter how big the clan is, if they manage to keep Giran Castle their leader will be rewarded with the prize. You can receive the reward - 100 Euro - with various payment methods...

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Welcome bonus coupons for Season 2

We are going to run few new updates on 28th of March, at 00:00 GMT +2 You can claim your coupon codes

Please note that on Season 2 all characters will remain as it is. We don't delete characters!

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There are no updates at the moment!
Server rates

• Exp/SP: amount x1000
• Party Exp/SP: amount x2
• Adena: amount x100
• Drop: amount x100
• Quest Drop: amount x2
• Quest Adena: amount x2
• Spoil: amount x3
• Raid Boss Drop: amount x2
• Karma Drop: percentage 60%
• Farm Economy: Come full in 16 Hours split by 4 days: (4hours a day)
• Max Level 80 with (4th Class "Akamanah/Zariche Classes")
• Akamanah class is abble to use .dressme with Visual Akamanah
• Zariche class is abble to use .dressme with Visual Zariche
• Cursed Classes are able to get Custom extreme Passive Skill with huge stats!


• Enchant safe : +4
• Max Enchant Weapon, Armor, Jewels : +16 With Blessed Scrolls
• Max Enchant Weapon, Armor, Jewels : +20 With Crystall Scrolls
• Normal enchant scroll rate : 55%
• Blessed enchant scroll rate : 100%
• Crystal scrolls rate : 100%
• Normal Scroll : If Enchant fails item broke


• GMShop & Customs Shop
• Global Gatekeeper
• Custom Buffer
• Exchanger
• Top 20 PvP / PK / Clan
• Boss Manager
• Augmenter
• Skill Enchanter
• Vote Manager
• Castle Manager
• Password Changer


• Valorant Event
• Team vs Team
• Domination
• Double Domination
• Last Man Standing
• Lucky Chests
• Simon Says
• VIP Team vs Team
• Capture The Flag
• Mutant
• Korean TvT


• Abyssal Armor
• Epic Armor
• VIP Armor


• Epic Weapons
• Fafurion Weapons
• Abyssal Weapons
• Demonic Weapons

Raid Jewels

• Hell Jewels
• Kadesh Jewels

Extreme Items

• Custom Agathions
• Custom Tattoos
• Custom Wings
• Custom Accessories
• Custom Shields

Custom Extra Skills

• 25 Active Skills - View Active Skills
• 50 Passive Skills - View Passive Skills
• Super haste lv 1-4
• Akamanah lv 1-4
• Zariche lv 1-4
• Boss Haste lv 1-4
• Reflect Damage
• Power Magic Defense
• Power Casting Speed
• Power Critical Rate
• Boss Might
• Boss Shield
• NPC Dash
• Ultra strong P.Atk
• Ultra Strong M.Atk
• Ultra Strong P.Def
• Ultra Strong M.Def

Ingame Commands


Castle Sieges

GludioThis Siege is Closed
DionThis Siege is Closed
GiranSunday 28th February at 19:00 GMT+2
OrenThis Siege is Closed
AdenThis Siege is Closed
InnadrilThis Siege is Closed
GoddardThis Siege is Closed
RuneThis Siege is Closed
SchuttgardThis Siege is Closed

General Features

• Startup lvl 76 with top starter items: Abyssal Armor, Epic Weapon, Hell Jewels
• Farm Economy 1-2 Hours then 2-3 Days for learn custom skills
• Max one Siege only Giran for more PvP
• Restricted All Custom Skills and Items in Olympiad Games
• PvP Medals earn from Events and PvP's
• Hard rules for PK'ers 60% Drop Items from PK.
• Gold Coins earn from Farm Mobs in all Areas in GK and from Votes
• In Dynamic Zone and Bosses, get extra Gold Coins with High rates
• Fixed all customs one by one from Dev Teams
• Fixed all balanced classes one by one tested by Dev Teams

Normal Bosses

• All normal bosses: 30min - 6 hours

1. Download Lineage2 Client;

2. Download System files;

3. Extract System into the Game folder;

4. Run Game from folder /system/l2.exe.

5. Accounts are auto created!

6. Please do not use Adrenaline or any other tool, we have Smartguard Protection!

If you still have any issues or concerns, please contact us!